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South Africa Publications

The 21st Century Power Partnership publications provide information about and analysis of market design and regulatory issues for clean energy and 21st century power systems. Published work appears in scientific journals and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory publications database.

South Africa and the 21st Century Power Partnership

May 2019
This fact sheet provides an overview of the mission and objectives and recent activities for 21CPP work in South Africa.

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Preliminary Findings of the South Africa Power System Capacity Expansion and Operational Model Study

January 2018
This state-of-the-art grid integration study examined the effects of potential high penetrations of variable renewable energy on South Africa’s power system. To achieve this, NREL developed, tested, and ran a combined capacity expansion and operational model of the South African power system including spatially disaggregated detail and geographical representation of system resources. New software to visualize and interpret modelling outputs was developed, and scenario analysis of stepwise variable renewable energy build targets provides new insight into associated planning and operational impacts and costs.

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21st Century Power Partnership: September 2016 Fellowship Report

September 2017
This Fellowship is a follow-up to the “Technical Audit of Eskom’s Medium- and Long-term Modelling Capabilities,” conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in April 2016. The prospect and role of variable renewable energy (vRE) in South Africa poses new modelling-related challenges that Eskom is actively working to address by improving the fidelity of PLEXOS LT and ST models.

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