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India Publications

The 21st Century Power Partnership publications provide information about and analysis of market design and regulatory issues for clean energy and 21st century power systems. Published work appears in scientific journals and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory publications database.

India and the 21st Century Power Partnership

May 2019
This fact sheet provides an overview of the mission and objectives and recent activities for 21CPP work in India.

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Greening the Grid: Pathways To Integrate 175 Gigawatts of Renewable Energy into India's Electric Grid

This study used specially designed weather and power system modeling to identify how India’s power system balances generation and demand throughout the year.

Read the overview to learn more.

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Report on India's Renewable Electricity Roadmap 2030: Toward Accelerated Renewable Electricity Deployment: Executive Summary

February 2015
Published with participation from 21CPP by the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) with support of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, and the Regulatory Assistance Project, this report outlines key recommendations and a framework for integrated policy strategy for rapid renewable electricity implementation that complements both existing and planned conventional power projects. 
The full report is available from the Confederation of Indian Industry.

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Peer-to-Peer Consultations: Ancillary Services Peer Exchange with India: Experience from South Africa, Europe & the United States

May 2014
In March 2014, 21CPP  and the Regulatory Assistance Project - India hosted two peer-to-peer exchanges among experts from India, South Africa, Europe, and the United States to discuss the provision of ancillary services, particularly in the context of added variability and uncertainty from renewable energy. This fact sheet summarizes the consultation.

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This fact sheet highlights a 2012 report on best practices to enable variable renewable energy grid integration. The report studies cases from Australia (South Australia), Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the United States (Colorado and Texas), which have effectively integrated variable RE utilizing diverse approaches.

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