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Clean Energy Regulator Initiative (CERI) Webinar Programme

The webinar programme offered by the Clean Energy Regulators Initiative is a long-term activity, delivering a series of expert webinar sessions focusing on regulatory issues raised by clean energy. Speakers come from relevant regulator networks. The list below summarizes the sessions the programme plans to offer. For current information about the offerings, see the CERI webinar programme.

Themes and Topics

Evolving Role of Network Regulators

  • Defining Structure and Roles of Regulators and Institutions
  • Power Reforms
  • Clean Energy and the Role for Regulators
  • Utilities and Regulations
  • Tools and Methods for Public Consultations

Pressure Points

  • Network Losses
  • Voltage Quality Regulation
  • Asset Management


  • Incentives
  • Investment and Capital
  • Affordability, Privatization, and Funding Measures for Clean Energy
  • Bankability of Capital Investment in Clean Energy Projects

Integration and Issues for Renewables

  • Planning for and Accommodating Additional Capacity
  • Electricity Reforming the Electricity Market Structure Design


  • The Role of Smart Grids in Developing Countries
  • Tariff Design and Asset Management for Distribution Utilities
  • Electricity Network Losses: Optimization, Reduction, Regulations, and Tariffs
  • Balancing, Wheeling, and Dispatching
  • Evolution of Distribution System Operation


  • Examining the Demand Side
  • Business Models, Actors, and Regulation Measures

Promotion of Renewable Technologies

  • Setting Renewable Energy Targets and the Integrated Energy Plan
  • Clean Energy Market and Trading Schemes
  • Incentives & Subsidies
  • Feed-in Tariffs

Promotion of Energy Efficiency

  • Structuring Utility Demand Side Management Projects
  • Supply Side Mechanisms
  • Energy Efficiency Programs and Policies
  • Energy Efficiency Based on Sectors

Energy Access

  • Mini-Grids and Off Grid Regulations & Policies
  • Rural Electrification Models and Costs
  • Integrated Rural Electrification
  • Island States

Past Webinars

Investment Incentives
Role of Efficiency Analysis
Principles of Price Regulation

Find more information about these webinars on the Publications page.