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China Power System Modeling Workshop: Enabling Transformation

This workshop promoted greater understanding of how the transition to clean electricity systems is empowered by advanced power sector modeling tools, with the specific goal of building stronger bridges between the modeling community and policymakers.

The one-day event, which was designed to  build an international exchange on best practices for power sector transformation modeling, was attended by approximately 60 participants including policymakers, government representatives, power system operators, researchers and representatives of international organizations.

The workshop opened with a policymaker dialogue to highlight the importance of modeling for informing today’s power system decision making. The technical panels that followed took a subject-based approach, focusing on three key issues pertinent to many countries actively seeking to transform their power sectors:

Panel discussion at the workshop.
  • Integrating variable renewable electricity (VRE) options,
  • Planning of transmission systems, and
  • Incentivizing an appropriate amount of flexibility.

The workshop was co-organized by the 21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP) and the “Long-term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for the Clean Energy Transition” campaign of the Clean Energy Ministerial, with critical support from China National Renewable Energy Center, State Grid Energy Research Institute, and State Grid (Suzhou) City & Energy Research Institute.

Read the PDF summary or browse the presentations made during the workshop by clicking the links below.

Power system modelling for policy decisions – overview and purpose of the workshop

Simon Mueller (21CPP) — Enabling Transformation

Dolf Gielen (LTES) — Long-term Energy Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition

Policymaker Dialogue: What Do Decision-makers Need from Modeling Analysis?


Yanqin Song (World Bank) — Power Systems Planning at the World Bank

Søren Dupont Kristensen (Energinet)

Plenum discussion

Moderated by Dolf Gielen (IRENA)

Modeling to Inform Renewable Integration into Power Systems

HAN Xue (NDRC ERI/ CNREC) — Renewable Integration in Power System, CREO 2018 Modelling and Power Sector Results

ZHANG Ning (Tsinghua University) — Renewable Energy Modeling and Power System Operation Simulation

Gang He (Stony Brook University) —Modeling the RE Integration and Energy-X Nexus Challenges for Clean Power Transition

Q&A and Discussion

Moderated by AN Ning (CEPRI)

Modeling Power System Flexibility


WANG Shunchao (EPPEI) TBD — Modeling of Flexible Energy System with Multiple Energy Storages

Simon Mueller (IEA) — RE Grid Integration Study with India

Dan Wetzel (RMI) — Market Modeling

Lars Bregnbæk (Ea Energianalyse) — Flexibility Markets

Q&A and Discussion

Moderated by Kaare Sandholt (CNREC)

Coffee Break


Modeling Transmission Planning

YUAN Bo (SGERI) — Joint Optimization of Generation and Transmission Expansion for China with High Renewable Penetration

Randi Kristiansen (Energinet) — European Transmission Planning-Modeling Transmission Planning

Q&A and Discussion

Moderated by Lei Xiaomeng (CEC)